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How BrainTapping Works

Open the BrainTap Pro® app & grab your BrainTap Headset.

Sit back and relax as embedded signals guide the brain into a state of deep relaxation and learning.

Repeat daily to promote ongoing benefits. Enjoy improved clarity, sleep & energy.

The Science Of BrainTap

BrainTap Pro App®

Audio to communicate to the brain.
Custom-encoded audio signals communicate directly with your brain and establish desired brainwave states. No meditation experience required!

BrainTap Headset®

Light to communicate to the brain.
Gentle light pulses delivered through the retina and ear meridians sync with the audio content to maximize the effectiveness of the brain entrainment.

The Tools To Conquer 2021

Your Essentials Collection subscription includes these amazing bundles.
Everything you need to tap into your best self.

Sleep Deep

Bad sleep impairs the immune system, stifles creativity, and literally ages you. Using a scientific combination of audio and visual cues, BrainTap programs your brain for truly regenerative sleep. You wake each morning, refreshed and energized.

Stress Less

When stress hormones surge, the body suffers. BrainTap lets you take back control. Quiet the mind on-demand. Master the art of regulating your reactions. 

Get Motivated

Motivation is not an act, but a habit. Gain direct agency over this habit with BrainTap, a scientifically tested way to visualize success and transform it into reality.

Jumpstart Your Morning

Your morning ritual guides your daily actions, which in turn determine your destiny. A 10-minute BrainTap session engages and energizes your brain, so you win every morning.  

Find Clarity

Your ability to see what’s true—and what really matters in life—determines how successful you will be. Gain an unfair advantage with BrainTap sessions to focus your mind and ground your thinking

Live A Healthy Life

Encode healthy habits of mind, body, and spirit using BrainTap’s technology—championed by Olympic athletes, celebrities, and leading nutritionists. 

Annual Subscription + Headset

Save $200

$239 / year + $647 one-time
$120 / year + $547 one-time

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I first started using BrainTap after my experience with years of law enforcement. After one use I was able to sleep almost 12 hours. It completely changed my life."

-Stephanie Razor

I regularly meditate but the first session blew me away and energized me tremendously.

-Reynaldo Torres

It was the most effortless change that I made for myself.

-Monica Ostroff

As a functional medicine practitioner, I help my clients heal at the root cause of their health issues. I offer BrainTap to all my clients.

-Joan Zietlow

More Than Meditation

What Makes BrainTap Technology Unique?

Grounded in Science

BrainTap was founded by a PhD and is trusted by over 2300 health care professionals. We pioneered the use of brainwave entrainment and continue to incorporate the latest science & research.


Our sessions are encoded with signals that communicate directly with the brain. So just sit back & relax while the technology does its work. No conscious effort required.

Immediate Results

Achieve desired brainwave states quickly, with noticeable results in the first session. And in just 20 minutes of ongoing daily use, BrainTap's proprietary technology trains your brain to enjoy sustained benefits.
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