Brain Fitness

BrainTap provides a subscription-based app, optional hardware, and over 1,300 unique sessions. The app can be used with any headphones or with the proprietary headset. BrainTapping stimulates the brain through sound, vibration, and light and increases one’s overall brain energy and brain health—providing mental clarity, better sleep, and enhanced overall performance. Incorporating sound/vibration technologies, guided visualization, proven NLP techniques, proprietary neuro- algorithms, and multi-frequency light, our solution delivers deep relaxation and naturally restores parasympathetic balance.
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Headset + power user subscription
  • One BrainTap Headset with carrying case, USB charger and audio cord
  • One Full Year of Power User Access On The BrainTap Pro App
  • Subscription available on up to 2 devices with 5 plays per device per day. Renews automatically for $180.00 annually after the first year unless cancelled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Commercial use of these audios without written authorization is strictly prohibited.
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